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Sick of hearing about the latest diet? We found the solution.


Truth be told, I’ve always found the word diet to be a bit annoying. I feel like it’s a particularly anti-feminist word — especially in the way that it’s used nowadays. It’s almost always about depriving yourself in order to get skinny and fit the media’s view of what’s ‘sexy’.

You’ve seen the headlines. “The Bikini Diet You Must Try”, and “The Diet That’ll Get You Looking Sexy in Two Weeks”, etc. It’s pretty much always next to a photo of a woman in a swimsuit or skimpy clothing, and a tagline that reads something like this: “You’re not good enough the way you are. Stick to this deprivation diet and you may get the chance to be what every woman wants to be — skinny! Then, thanks to this diet, you can snag a hot man and have people envy you.” Ok, well maybe I’m reading into it a bit too much. But the message is certainly always superficial and never empowering.

Weigh THIS Diet

Wondering what you can do about it? We’ve found a way for you to take a stand. Lean Cuisine has started an initiative to help women break free from the word diet. They want women to define their self worth not by what they weigh, but by the accomplishments they’re most proud of. To wit, they filmed a wonderful video asking women what they’re proud of. It made my cry. Seriously. Check it out:

Touching, right? They’re asking women to share what really matters to them, with the hashtag #WeighThis. I’ve done it, and I’d encourage you to not only check out what others are posting, but post what you want the be “weighed on” — ie. what really motivates you — with the hashtag #WeighThis. Because it’s up to us, as women, to stand up and tell the world that we’re not defined by our bodies or our weight. That we’re defined by our actions. Our love. Our personality.

Stand up and tell the world that you will not be defined by external superficialities!

Not sure what to post? Lean Cuisine was so overwhelmed by the outpouring of response from their video that they decided to take the #WeighThis submissions, all the things that people are proud of, and celebrate by creating a massive art installation in Grand Central Station. Scales were used to showcase each #WeighThis submission because it sends a powerful message about valuing the amazing things women do over the number on the scale. Check out the video for some touching inspiration:

To further their initiative to promote healthy self-esteem and remove the word diet from our vocabulary, Lean Cuisine has made a TV plugin (which is currently being beta tested by influencers) and a Chrome browser extension (which you can download now) that will block the word diet from whatever you’re watching or reading. When you filter the word “diet” using the Chrome extension, Lean Cuisine will give back to Girls Leadership, an organization that teaches girls the skills to know who they are, what they believe, and how to express it — empowering them (and us) to create change in their world.

Here’s more about that:

Imagine never having to see or hear the word diet again. Would that make you feel empowered? Stronger? Sexier? Would you start weighing yourself based on what matters, instead of your appearance? Comment below and let me know how it makes you feel!

Disclosure: Although this post is sponsored by Lean Cuisine,
all words are my own and I fully support their initiative.

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Reader Discussion: 91 Comments

  1. Avatar of Mona Conner

    Mona Conner

    It’s been such an overrated issue already that I just learned to not care about what other people think about my body. Sure, it hurts sometimes but who cares?

  2. Avatar of Kristina Ramsey

    Kristina Ramsey

    I also want to belong in their wall. I want to be one of those women who love their bodies and don’t care about their weight.

  3. Avatar of Rosemarie Gibbs

    Rosemarie Gibbs

    It broke my heart and at the same time made me feel better. These women have done so much for other people and yet they feel pathetic because of the number on the scales. These women are unbelievable, they have big hearts that can’t be measured. No amount if dieting trend should make a woman feel less about themselves. Let’s help other women accept their bodies no matter what shape or size they’re in. They should believe in their potential rather than weighing yourself.

    • Avatar of https://twitter.com/IdaReeves20


      Isn’t it crazy that people would feel down even though they’ve done so much for others? It’s sad.

  4. Avatar of Doreen Carlson

    Doreen Carlson

    You can’t weigh the things you’ve done in life. Some of these women have helped 200 homeless and children. Have you asked yourself about who you are without the scales? “It’s how you weigh you.”

  5. Avatar of Marilyn May

    Marilyn May

    Lean Cuisine has a good message but I’m vegan. Maybe they should look into this as well.

  6. Avatar of Sonja Armstrong

    Sonja Armstrong

    Very inspirational indeed. I don’t know where this stigma of judging people about weight started, but I know that it’s been present since the dawn of time. We shouldn’t be insecure about things like this. Come on ladies, we’re more more than this! We’re independent women that are smart, successful and triumphant. There’s no point in putting other people down by body shaming. Let’s just be confident about our bodies and don’t let the opinion of others get in the way.

  7. Avatar of Erma Sparks

    Erma Sparks

    Honestly, I don’t even think that it’s all about the word diet. It’s the perception of it. Even if you don’t mention the word diet, it has its effects.

    • Avatar of Debra Whaley

      True, it already created a big impact and omitting the word itself isn’t exactly useful.

  8. Avatar of Paulette Wheeler

    Paulette Wheeler

    Women are great beings. As long as you’re healthy, your weight shouldn’t be an issue. Other people mask body shaming by saying they’re just concerned about their health and not their appearance.?

  9. Avatar of Kelly Williams

    Kelly Williams

    The way I see Lean Cuisine is that they’re trying to promote muscle build up. From the name itself, it says it all.

  10. Avatar of Tasha Pope

    Tasha Pope

    I know that I’m a very strong person and my weight doesn’t define me. I agree that most of us have achieved and have done something in life that can’t be measured by just a weighing scale. The problem is that not all women will see this message and not all of them will fully understand that it’s important that we value ourselves more than the numbers on the weighing scale. We have talents and everything! We shouldn’t forget about the talents that we have as well.

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