Gift Ideas: Gorgeous & Inexpensive Gifts for Your Secret Santa


Hilary’s Picks: Gifts with Impact


Looking for the perfect gift? One that says volumes about who you are, and the amazing, conscious person you think they are? Mission-driven gifts are the next big thing in gift giving. We’ve rounded up some serious gorgeous gift ideas, made by artisan women around the world:

Hilary’s Picks: Gifts with Impact

Raven and Lily necklace and Prosperity Candle

Silver Leaf Necklace by Raven and Lily

Raven + Lily’s Ethiopia collection transforms what was once meant for harm into beautiful jewelry while empowering HIV+ women living near the Entoto Mountain. Their handmade pieces benefit at-risk women suffering from homelessness and disenfranchisement. Artisans craft jewelry with upcycled metal – empowering at-risk women. Their Almaz Silver Leaf Necklace is $64 and handmade in Ethiopia of recycled silver, copper, and brass.

Silver Scented Candle by Prosperity Candle

Prosperity candles are hand-poured, delicately scented, and artfully crafted by women artisans who are building brighter futures for themselves and their families in western Massachusetts after years in refugee camps. Every candle comes with the name of the woman that made it so you can look up her story on our website and even send her a note. I especially love their modern, Stockholm Collection candles, including the silver Osby votive candle, which is $22 (and I fully plan on storing jewelry in it once I’ve burned up the candle). I’m usually very picky with scents, but I love all of Prosperity’s fragrances, which are made using essential oils. Make sure to ask for their beeswax and soy wax filling (call and request it), since it’s free of paraffin.

Hilary’s Picks: Gifts with Impact

True Moringa body oil and Ajiri Tea

Body Oil by True Moringa

If you haven’t already gotten on board the moringa oil train, it’s high time. Their paraben free, sulfate free, all natural facial and hair serums are lightweight and easily absorbed, locking in lasting moisture and preventing signs of aging with antioxidants and unique moisturizing agents. Not to mention they provide a sustainable livelihood to over 1,000 small farming families in Ghana. Get (my favorite) peppermint infused True Moringa body oil for only $29.

Tea by Ajiri Tea

Exceptionally full-bodied and smooth, award-winning Ajiri Kenyan Black Tea ($9) is grown in the Kisii Hills of western Kenya, an area known for its abundant rainfall and fertile soil. Each comes in a decorative box made from dried banana leaves, with a little bag tied with handmade beads inside. Everything is handmade by women in Kenya, and 100% of profits support education for orphans.

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A writer, artist and designer since she was young enough to put pencil to paper, Hilary spends most of her time in France, but still considers herself a New Yorker, and visits regularly. Hilary spent the past decade living in NYC and has traveled extensively around the world, looking for hot new topics, destinations, and brands to bring to Urbanette readers.


  1. Jae Medina

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    These are great ideas for gifts! The thing I love most about them is that they are gorgeous yet inexpensive. t just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to give a meaningful gift.

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    Loved your gift ideas. Seen lots of things I would like to buy as gifts. 🙂

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    Thanks! I might use some of this ideas for Christmas presents for my friends and family.

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    Really good ideas. Thanks a lot. That Earthfrendz metallic clutch is to die for!

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    So creative, and super cute! Love them all. Will definitely be buying some of them:)

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    I am AMAZED! So many great items! It’ll be hard to stick to my to-buy list, cause I want them all!

  38. Hazel Collins

    It’s officially that time of the year again, making our gift list. thank you for helping and giving us a head start with your Gift ideas. I’m sure that i will find something to give to my loved ones. i have a habit of giving others things that i think they will get a lot of used from it. I think giving scented candles in a beautiful wrapper/box is perfect.

  39. Great picks! A lot of these I never heard of and I appreciate that so much than the big branded giants. The tea are great gifts for elders.. I’m always searching for recommendations on teas. And the pact over the knee socks sound like a really good deal. thanks!

  40. Hannah Mayers

    Wonderful!!! These are the type of products that I would like to patronize. I really love supporting mission-driven brands. Now, I’m off to their websites to check more of their products. But I would admit, Brave Collection really got me!

  41. Another great list from Urbanette! There’s nothing wrong if I should give myself a gift first, right? 😉 I’d like to try that body oil from True Moringa. I really would like to keep my skin moisturized. And it feels good to know that if I buy products from True Moringa, I’m helping provide a sustainable livelihood to small farming families 🙂

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    this is really great! i think that scarf is a must have. i’m really thankful that I’ve found this magazine. thanks for always helping people like me who are really stressing out in picking what to give this xmas. i can’t really get over that scarf after seeing it, i want to have one. i think it’s not wrong to say to my secret santa that i would love to receive new scarf.

  43. Kimberly Vigil

    this is really great! i think that scarf is a must have. i’m really thankful that I’ve found this magazine. thanks for always helping people like me who are really stressing out in picking what to give this xmas. i can’t really get over that scarf after seeing it, i want to have one. i think it’s not wrong to say to my secret santa that i would love to receive new scarf.

  44. I am very glad that you have this list! Aside from the fact that you’ve given us, your readers, great gift ideas for the holidays, you’ve helped these artisans/entrepreneurs promote and market their products! I’m definitely sharing this article.

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    This guide and gift idea is really interesting. I just want to say that you have really good taste picking out gifts. i love your gift selection, all of them. thinking of buying that brass necklace and necklace for myself, a treat for myself this Christmas(giggles).One of the reasons why i really love urbanette.

  46. Courtney Watson

    Wonderful gift ideas! I’m not only buying stuff for family and friends but for myself as well… LOL Tiklari earrings caught my attention, I think they’ll look good on me…

  47. Thanks for these ideas! It’s fun to spend when you know that your money goes to great causes! I want scented candle.

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      Yeah, it’s great to know that you’re hard-earned money is not wasted or spent to nonsense things… Wonderful article to start my Friday especially that I’m really having a hard time thinking what gifts to give my family and friends…

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    WOW! i love this! thank you so much for sharing this wonderful christmas gift ideas with us. i’ve always planning on giving my classmates handmade bracelets but i’m worried if they will not like it. Maybe i’ll do it and give it this coming christmas and i do hope they will love them and wear them everyday. I love receiving gifts from other and i don’t mind if it’s cheap, i’m always thinking that they made an effort giving it to me, remembering me. I would love to receive colorful socks this christmas, i think they are really kawaii! :3

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