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How to Enjoy Your Relationship Again

Four great ways to Shake. It. UP!


After a consecutive 10-day span of Netflix and Thai take-out, I began to worry that this could be the beginning of the dimming of our romantic flame. I didn’t want our relationship to lose its exciting energy. We were both such active people when we first met, but the stresses and demands of everyday life left us exhausted and it was starting to seem like we’d stopped putting as much energy into ourselves and our relationship as we used to.

This past weekend I decided it was time to make a change. NYC was hit by a heat wave, so we got in the car and on the road, bound for upstate. We decided to approach the day like we were at summer camp — we rented bikes, went swimming in the lake and played bocce ball at a local tavern.

How to Enjoy Your Relationship Again

My hubby and I spent a great day upstate, and decided to make it a regular thing

This action-packed day left us feeling excited, alive and more connected to one another than we’d been in ages (or the past few weeks, anyway). That day we made a pact to break free of our idle routine every weekend and be more active together through shared hobbies.

How to Enjoy Your Relationship Again

My hubby and me, having fun exploring upstate

Engaging in an activity with your spouse can strengthen your bond and help you create unforgettable memories. To keep things fun and fresh in your marriage, try some of these hobbies that you both will love:

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Reader Discussion: 41 Comments

  1. Crystal Reagan

    I understand the need to ignite the flames. But seriously? whats wrong with just chilling at home? Less expensive, more comfortable and the best thing is you have your partners whole day for your self.

  2. Miya Hartford

    Fanning the flame of a relationship shouldn’t be that hard. I just ask my partner what he wants to do. If he wants to go out we go out, if he wants to stay home and just chill we stay home and just chill. Anything we do is favorable to me.

  3. Juli Woods

    We’ll try hiking this coming weekend!It’s a bonding for me and my husband…I’m so excited…Thank you Hilary…:’)

  4. Lusi Martin

    Going extreme like Drag Racing is the only thing that we won’t do. It’s kinda dangerous, for me.

  5. Jenifer Jeni

    Looking at these couples makes me envy Hilary! Huhuhu. I’ll do this when I have a husband to spend time with. Keep this up Hilary! I look up to you 🙂

  6. My sister-in-law and I would totally love this! Me and my husband, her and his, would going to give this a try next weekend for only the four of us together! Just like old times. ❤

  7. Kath Brantley

    Would love to encourage my husband to try this! We need this after this stressful week! My gosh.

  8. This gives the married couple their own time bonding together to enjoy. Gives them a break from their stressful days and time to unwind. Truly convinient for the both of them

  9. Zerin Martin

    Every married couple should read this! This is a absolutely helpful for them.

  10. Brett Lee

    My wife and I still do this even though we have kids already. We just have a one night off for the two of us and spend time together. This way, even if we’re both parents now, we still get our “date” times.

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