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The United Boy’s Club of America: Equality is an American Fiction

Equality and opportunity for all?? Not quite.


Unless you’ve been on a serious news-diet (and I almost wouldn’t blame you for avoiding all the bad news out there) for the past …well… forever, you’re aware of the extreme sexism that female politicians have to face. It’s an unfortunate truth; the general tone of misogyny found in American media is no less prevalent in the political arena. From Trump’s repeated and unapologetic vulgar snips at female candidates, reporters, and moderators, to the undertones in litter-liners like The New York Post, women in politics are far more likely to be subjected to inappropriate media scrutiny and criticism than their male counterparts.

The United Boy’s Club of America: Equality is an American Fiction

The United Boy’s Club of America: Equality is an American Fiction

In the last presidential election, the New Yorker’s cover showed all the potential Republican nominees (but, interestingly, left out the already-announced –and now irrelevant– Carly Fiorina.)

America’s propaganda machine has always spread the “American Dream” fallacy that the United States is a free country founded on the idea of upward mobility and equality for all. But we all know that’s simply not true.

The USA has always had less upward mobility than Canada, Australia, and Europe, and yet “Movin’ On Up” is practically the national anthem. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see that the USA, its corporations, its media, its advertising, its political system is still controlled primarily by wealthy old white male trustfunders who’ve never had to struggle financially. And it makes sense that this group wants the rest of us to think we have the same opportunities as they do. The last thing they want is women and minorities fighting back and taking a larger piece of their power pie.

America is supposedly founded on the idea of opportunity and equality for all — but who are we kidding, really?

Take one hard look at how women, gay, and black people have been marginalized by the US government, and it’s glaringly clear that justice, empathy, and equality isn’t something that the American government has traditionally made a priority.

What about Obama, you say? It’s true that when Obama was in power, he made many attempts to remedy that, but was continually blocked by Senate Republicans. Not because their constituents disagreed with the changes Obama wanted to make, but simply because Obama is ‘on the opposing team’.

Clearly, it’s time for change.

The United Boy’s Club of America: Equality is an American Fiction

The American government is a major sausage-fest, even when the Dem’s are in the White House

After all, almost all other democratic countries have had multiple female presidents/prime ministers (including Pakistan — I mean, come on!!). But in the United Boy’s Club of America, women still hold less than 20% of congressional seats, and just over 10% of governorships.

In fact, America ranks 94th in the world for percentage of women in its national legislature. This should be humiliating to our government, as we fall just behind Kenya and Indonesia, and barely ahead of the United Arab Emirates. But then again, if they wanted more women in power, there would be more women in power. Not surprisingly, at the current rate of progress, it will take nearly 500 years for women to reach fair representation in government. And that’s not by accident…

There’s no doubt: America is not a world leader when it comes to equality.

This is an especially important issue, because various studies have shown that having more women in politics makes a significant difference in terms of the policies that get passed. Female legislators are far more likely to try to get progressive policy passed on issues like the environment, support for families, civil rights, education, health, labor, violence prevention, incarceration, and other important social issues.

The United Boy’s Club of America: Equality is an American Fiction

Because of this, America falls short in legislation that benefits women, including paid maternity leave, which benefits us all.

How are women supposed to have a voice, or stand up for women’s rights, when we’re vastly outnumbered in every voting situation? In all types of positions of power, women continue to be largely underrepresented across the United States. I’ll save the almost non-existent representation of gay, atheist, black, and ethnic people for another article; that’s a whole other can of worms.

So what can we do to change this? Attend and organize more Women’s Marches. Educate yourself about all the subtle ways that the media and society tries to get women to internalize misogyny. Stand up to people who say sexist things. Speak up and ask for a promotion. Get out and vote for female and minority candidates (and bring friends with you). Maybe even consider running for office. Because it’s time for women to have their say.

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Tell us; do you vote in local elections? Have you ever voted for a female politician?

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Reader Discussion: 93 Comments

  1. Gwen Buckley

    I believe that women are not empowered enough up to this day to handle any serious and key position in the government. There will be too much emotion that it will hinder them to deliver real solutions to the problems that exist in our society as a whole. Until women master their feelings and become more assertive, they can’t have any chair for themselves…

  2. Anna Hendrickson

    My white boss for some time won’t let me take a leave from work when my daughter got sick. I simply asked her what would she do if she’s in the same situation, I didn’t wait for her answer and just left the room. I left early at work and didn’t go to work until I get my daughter to the doctor and be well. At last, I decided not to come back to that sick environment anymore. I was on my way to find another work when the b***h called for me to go back to the office. Hell no! I found another job (though it is not easy, took me two weeks, and mty boss kept calling for a time to get me back to work) and I’m at peace knowing that I made the right choice. Sometimes, we just have to slap the hard truth in their face.

  3. Denisse Isaacs

    Yes, we must educate ourselves about our current situation in the country. Women’s rights have advanced far but not far enough to be felt by each and everyone across the US. We should not wait for the time when we reach the point that history will repeat itself when women and other minorities are not treated the same and equal.

  4. Jamar Edwards

    This is a simple truth! We are being led and controlled by misogynists. Even if we finally elect a female president in the future, we can’t truly be a land of equality. Greedy white males will always find ways on how to turn the tables for their own benefit.

  5. Stephanie Craig

    America: Home of the brave and land of the free,… and the Racist!!! come on people, let’s wake up with this reality!!! We are all hypocrites when it comes to this matter. We should change our ways to fully live with our tenets of equality!!!

  6. Jennifer Hartmann

    There will always be inequality in America. From the streets to the White House, we always see how people treat women differently from men. Women can’t be their real selves, they can’t fully express their thoughts, and they can’t show their true potentials. Not to mention the inequality that exists among different race and color.

  7. As for the negative comments about women being in politics, don’t worry, those idiots will never be in government. Hahaha!

  8. Don’t be too hard for women. Always remember that they are the reason behind our every success in life. Think of your mother. Do you want your mother to be treated like shit? Of course, not.

  9. I will understand UAE because that is their culture, but the USA? For real? That’s is not in our culture, that is nothing. Men just want powers.

  10. Louise Jones

    I don’t think that women are good for government positions. It’s just right that men are the one ruling, because what can a woman do? If there’s a war? What can you contribute? Cry? Haha!

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