10 Unconventional Wedding Tips


Hilary’s Tips: 10 Ways I Made My Wedding Easier

Unconventional things I did that made my wedding a lot less stressful, more fun, and way more memorable.


Hilary’s Tips: 10 Ways I Made My Wedding Easier

9. Pick the last name that’s better.

In other parts of the world it’s tradition for the man to take the woman’s name. In Europe and America, more and more men are bucking tradition and taking the woman’s last name – mine did! Sexist traditions belong in the past. Choose which one sounds better and is easier to spell.

Hilary’s Tips: 10 Ways I Made My Wedding Easier

10. Make it fun.

We added fun things for our guests to do, like massage chairs, a magician and a photo booth (or just someone with a camera and instant printer, set up in a scenic spot) with silly costumes. Our guests were talking about it for a full year after!

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  1. Mary Garcia

    #6 sounds really fun including the bloopers, but most of my friends hate being flashed on the screen with their awkward speech and all. They would probably ditch my wedding if they knew there would be an interview (Nah, just kidding they love me too much to do that that.) But yeah. I’d love the bloopers instead. My friends are very wacky and fun so they would enjoy something like that rather than an interview. Thank you for these unconventional ideas! ❤️

  2. Megan Smith

    I’m single so I have no idea about weddings and how hard it is to prepare them, but I’m definitely considering all of this.

  3. I’m not religious either so I really did ask to skip those parts. I’m glad the pastor didn’t complain.

  4. I wish I’ve seen this before our wedding. It was so stressful I nearly backed out.

  5. It’s crazy that some weddings hold their receptions far from the church wedding. Seriously? Book somewhere close. Not everyone has a car.

  6. Bernice Perry

    I don’t mind using silk flowers instead of the usual bouquet. To be honest, that’s least of my concern as long as I have a decent looking bouquet that doesn’t look like it’s for a funeral. Thanks for this advice. It’s even better that I could keep my wedding bouquet and treasure it for the years to come rather than take photos with it then throw it away afterward. We all know how expensive these wedding bouquets are… It can be insane. I’d go for the silk.?

  7. Sheri Lawrence

    Wow, doing all of this in my wedding for sure. I want my wedding to be like a breeze and less stressful.

  8. Linda Dent

    I really like the idea of fake flowers instead of real ones. I also think that for decorations for the aisle, fake flowers would be better.

  9. I would still prefer the traditional wedding. I want that day to be special.

  10. Weddings usually take about 3-4 hours depending on the program after the ceremony. If there’s anything that you need to shorten, it’s that reception after. Get rid of the usual bouquet throwing and all that stuff. Have a fun program that’s fun for all and less time consuming.

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