The True Meaning of Wedding Bliss

This will make everyone at your wedding talk about it for years to come.


Most brides are too busy thinking about the cake, decor and music to think too hard about their guests. Don’t be one of those brides! Want to know what’ll really make your guests absolutely adore you, and have a more relaxing, fun time? I’ll tell you what; Having several massage chairs set up with talented women giving your guests relaxing massages.

The True Meaning of Wedding Bliss
“Most people LOVE getting massages. The disconnect I find is that too many people view it as a luxury and not a necessity.” -Vivian

Chair massages are a great and new idea brides are indulging in to give a fun and relaxed vibe at their wedding day event or reception.  I corresponded with Vivian Salazar of Spreading Love Through Touch to get a little more insider info on her business how her business is thriving in the modern-day wedding world…

The True Meaning of Wedding Bliss

Urbanette Magazine:  Massage therapy is a tricky business – so many people have preconceived notions of whether they like massages or not without ever having experienced a massage!  How do you reach out to people who are leery of massage therapy?

Vivian Salazar: I agree with you. Massage can be a tricky business however that is not the norm. Most people LOVE getting massages. The disconnect I find is that too many people view it as a luxury and not a necessity. The way I combat that is by educating people (including the few that are leery in general of massage and strangers touching their bodies), that massage is simply maintenance on the body. You should treat your body the way you would a luxury car. The better you maintain it, the longer and better it will run.

“To me massage is like a regular oil change and I recommend all my clients get a massage once a month if they can.”

The True Meaning of Wedding Bliss

To me massage is like a regular oil change and I recommend all my clients get a massage once a month if they can, but at the very least every three months-every season. There are countless benefits to getting regular massages including: improving circulation, increasing your immune function, decreasing stress, rehabilitation from injury and the list goes on and on. But perhaps the greatest benefit to massage is the TLC! I have made many a “leery” person a total believer just because it feels so darn good!

The True Meaning of Wedding Bliss

Urbanette: How did you come to realize that you could incorporate your efforts into personal events, such as weddings?

Vivian: I’m of the belief that massage should be getting out there in any way possible. Seated massage is the best way because it allows people to be able to get shorter massage sessions without having to take anything off. In this way you are not limited the spa or medical environment. You can incorporate massage pretty much into any setting.  I’ve seen it done in trade shows and corporate atmospheres. I wanted to think outside of the box and I thought, why not incorporate seated massage to corporate parties and weddings. It brings something different, special, and memorable to these events.

Urbanette: What are the benefits of having such services at an event such as a wedding?

Vivian: At some of the events my company has provided seated massage for, the guests had never experienced that at any other party or event they had been to and they loved it. I feel our services bring that extra something that will make the event stand out from others. We bring something totally different and enjoyable on a whole other level than just good music and food!

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