Michelle Pfeiffer's Big Secret


Michelle Pfeiffer’s Big Secret


Urbanette: You’ve mentioned that you were once part of a cult that practiced breatharianism. Is going vegan giving you flashbacks of that kind of lifestyle?

Michelle: It dawned on me that I was a member of a cult while I was researching for a role that I played years back. I was young and new in Hollywood and was involved with this couple that claimed to be physical trainers. They put me on a diet that nobody could adhere to. They were very controlling. I wasn’t living with them but I was there a lot and they were always telling me I needed to come more. I had to pay for all the time I was there so it was financially very draining. They believe that people in their highest state were breatharian. They believed that we don’t need food and water to nourish us, only the sun.

Urbanette: It’s great that you got out of it.

Michelle: My first husband, Peter Horton, helped me overcome it.

Michelle Pfeiffer’s Big Secret

Michelle credits her vegan lifestyle for keeping her looking young

Urbanette: Everyone is applauding you for aging gracefully and you’re one of the few female actresses who haven’t gotten plastic surgery. What is your stand on this?

Michelle: Sometimes I think about it, sometimes I don’t. It really depends on how well I’m lit. It depends on my makeup and all kinds of things.

Urbanette: So you are considering it? What are your thoughts on it?

Michelle: I’m not saying that I won’t have plastic surgery at some point. I think that it’s harder and harder the older you get to say never. Especially being in the public eye. It doesn’t really matter, I think that if people actually want to do something here or there, who cares? If it makes them feel a little bit better about themselves… What I object to is too much. And really bad plastic surgery. When I think it becomes a distraction and when people don’t look like themselves anymore. As long as it doesn’t overtake them.

Urbanette: What is your advice for people who are considering going vegan?

Michelle: I would say, do what I did. I just told myself one day that I’m going to do it and I’m going to give myself eight weeks. And that I’m not going to commit on this for a lifetime because it’s psychologically huge for people to wrap their minds around it. And I’m just going to see how I feel, I’m going to test my blood again and see if there’s anything. Giving it that long you sort of get over the fact of feeling how big and difficult it is at the beginning. And if you really give yourself long enough to start feeling differently and sort of see the benefits then it will be great.


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A writer, artist and designer since she was young enough to put pencil to paper, Hilary spends most of her time in France, but still considers herself a New Yorker, and visits regularly. Hilary spent the past decade living in NYC and has traveled extensively around the world, looking for hot new topics, destinations, and brands to bring to Urbanette readers.


  1. Richard Colby

    I’m 62 yrs old. I notice that not too many men are vegan… At my age can I still become a vegan?

    • Of course! Anyone can become vegan, and it will make you healthier at any age. Check out a fantastic Netflix film called WHAT THE HEALTH?

  2. she is stunning as always

  3. Deborah

    Vanity vegans tend to go back to eating carcasses after they get what they want. A slimmer body and younger skin. Ethical vegans never go back because they’ve made the connection. Animals are just like us. They too are part of Creation and they too suffer at the hands of arrogant ignorant abusers. I love Michelle. We’re both Taureans. 🙂 I’ve even been told I look like her. (I wish.) I applaud her, you Michelle, if you’re reading, for making the change and showing people the effects (gorgeous) and that it really isn’t that hard. I just hope that the animals are considered too. Yes a vegan diet is how the human body was meant to thrive. Yes a vegan diet will make you more beautiful. But most importantly a vegan LIFESTYLE will protect countless innocent loving animals AND our sweet precious Earth. GO VEGAN. STOP BEING AN ASSHOLE PEOPLE!! 🙂

    • Regardless of the reason, I think it’s good to be inclusive of everyone trying to be a part of the movement, and not chastise them for their reasoning behind it and your perception that it’s not ‘pure’ enough.

      • Sania Mirza

        I agree. Who cares WHY… as long as she’s not eating animals, it doesn’t really matter WHY. Andrew is right — we should all be supportive, regardless of their reasoning.

  4. Moya

    This was really good. But I would like to ask 1 question, how long has she been a vegan, and at what age did she make this change. For me (because I am older), I think this would really help me to know if it can be done/ stated later in your age? Thank you again

    • Hi Moya, Switching to vegan can be done at any age. In fact, the health benefits are often even greater when you are older, since a vegan diet helps with osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. If you want to live longer and feel healthier, switch today! 🙂 Check out http://www.vegankit.com and the Netflix documentary called ‘What The Health?’

  5. Mark

    I know that Dr. Esselstyn also advocates NO OIL. Do you know if Michelle Pfeiffer has stopped eating foods with oils?

    • I think that’s only for losing weight… some oils are really good for you, like coconut oil and olive oil.

      • I thought olive oil was great option too but during a recent webinar with Dr. McDougall, I had the chance to ask about it and received a reply from Jeffrey Silberg, who is Starch Solution Certified. He said that it causes inflammation.

      • Judy Sangillo

        It isn’t just for weight loss. People trying to reverse heart disease should go oil-free as well as avoid animal foods, because consuming oil causes inflammation of the arterial endothelial cells.

  6. I became vegan when I wanted to lose weight had nothing to do with animal cruelty but after I lost the weight I started educating myself on the facts… Now I choose a kinder diet because I am against animal cruelty!!! So who cares if she has or hasn’t had surgery… I’m hopeful that she too will realize the real reason to be vegan and not just for the self-gratification!

  7. Michelle Pfeiffer being vegan is great for the profile of the diet and spreading awareness of the benefits. Great to hear that she’s benefited so much. Now I’ll have to try it too 😉

  8. Sara Williams

    I am soooo happy that I can say I havn’t touched meat in 7 months.. I haven’t been drinking milk and i quit the cheese! I realized I had fur on a jacket that was gifted, it made me sad and I took it off. I will never wear death again! But what do I do with the fur? I don’t want to sell it (no one should wear this animal) I don’t want to profit of death and at the same time I don’t want it in my house.. What would you do?

    • Shelly Hanson

      Give the fur coat to a homeless shelter.

      • Kim

        Or sell it because if you don’t, that person who would have bought it will just go out and buy a new one. Every time someone buys a new fur coat, it pays for the slaughter of the next animal(s) to replace it.

        So know that you would be preventing the death of another animal by selling it.

        • But isn’t the goal to have less people wearing fur, so the ‘fashion’ aspect of it goes out of style / looks old-school?

    • Dara

      Many wildlife rescues will take fur and use it to warm orphaned animals as they rehabilitate.

    • Nimisha Raja

      You can donate it to an animal shelter – they can use it to rehabilitate orphaned baby animals.

  9. I would love to PORK her 😉

  10. And, for anyone on this thread who is as concerned with being kind to animals – not making them endure horrific suffering and violent deaths, please go vegan for that reason, too. Watch Earthlings on Youtube and you’ll understand why.

  11. Sooozi

    She ALWAYS worked hard at being slim. Smoked and was part of the air breathing no need for food or water cult. Some lip injections, because you can see the improvement. She is in good health and has a good chin because she works hard and is successful at being low/normal body weight by eating healthy. She is a great example of what eating plant based, whole foods does.

  12. MD Mom

    Shame on you for the obvious photoshopping. if you want to promote healthy living, then why not show real women with all of their real wrinkles and flaws.

    • We didn’t Photoshop. We were supplied the photos and published them as we got them.

  13. W Palmer

    Lies. She’s had GOOD plastic surgery.

  14. Sophia Lynne

    Genetics as well as dietary restrictions are what’s working, but mostly genetics. You cannot be her age and have such slim arms without genetics on your side. Plain and simple. There’s not a speck of hanging skin.

    • Kelly Giddens

      Yoga & veganism will do that. A vegan diet helps to prevent kinks in the skins elasticity and yoga keeps you toned.

  15. Delilah Colucci

    I would like to know who the artist is that painted the blue lips that is behind her.

  16. Nicola McLean

    Michelle Pfeiffer is a stunning woman and very beautiful regardless of her age but she does have that perfectly flawless forehead that botox gives so many celebrities nowadays or doesn’t that count as plastic surgery? I think it’s great she follows a plant based diet although it’s a shame that not once did she mention the animal cruelty aspect -I think if that, rather than health, animal rights is the reason for going vegan, then it’s never a difficult diet to follow or any great hardship to stick to.

    • Denise

      But maybe that wasn’t HER reason? That’s ok isn’t it?

    • Kat

      Botox is not plastic surgery

    • Ben Ince

      Animal cruelty is a big reason but not the only one. Look into how big a contributor Agriculture is to carbon emissions, deforestation, etc, etc. Veganism is the best way to turn it around. Giving Michelle the benefit of the doubt, I think she probably is really concerned by those issues but answered the questions in a way that was fitting for the magazine/its readers.

  17. Cassi Braun

    Now she just uses a body double in her movies if she wants to look good, which I don’t get as she is still beautiful! and to think she was once bullied for being ugly!!!! She looks fab – hope I look that good at 55 although I doubt it somehow.

    • It’s too bad that the industry forces women over a certain age to use a body double. That’s slowly changing though!

  18. Lena Dzeko

    She really has aged beautifully. Perfect bone structure and piercing eyes never get old! Stunning back then & just as stunning now! Michelle Pfeiffer has always been a talented actress. Enjoyed most of her movies.

  19. Jae Medina

    Ilove her, there is something special about her. She is classically beautiful, yet she has something unique. She’s a classy actress too – not fame hungry, just talented and have used her talent well! She’s more beautiful than ever now.

  20. Sonja Fallow

    She has an incredible comic timing, loved her in Frankie & Johnny with Al Pacino. She has that delicate, thin skin that ages rapidly at a certain point, so of course she has some wrinkles with 55. But what a stunningly beautiful woman she still is.

  21. Christina Norelli

    Michelle has always been beautiful and always will be. She’s been blessed with incredible bone structure which is the foundation of aging well. Combine that with a happy spirit and you have a woman who’s beauty still captivates after all these years. Yes, she may have had procedures, she says she hasn’t, media says she has – So what? She still looks like herself; not everyone star who’s had work done, can say that.

  22. My God, she has always been a stunner. Gifted with beauty and talent. Sounds like my type of person but I’m still on the Marlborough lights! Should take Michelle as an example and quit ASAP!

    • Oh yes – never too soon to switch to being healthy. Smoking is a ticking time bomb as far as cancer is concerned… not to mention, it ages you much more quickly than non-smokers age.

  23. Elin Hanks

    That’s the best advice about age and beauty any aging beauty has ever given. The secret is to look the best you can for your age, not to try in vain to turn back the hands of time.

  24. Debbie Jones

    Michelle Pfeiffer is hands down the most beautiful and intriguing movie star since Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. She is phenomenal. Sadly I think she represents the end of an era. There is no mystique any more. Beautiful as ever! Love her. 🙂

    • I can’t decide whether the mystique, which leads to an air of perfection, or the out-there uninhibited stars of today (a la Miley) is better / worse for society. On one hand, perceived perfection is bad… on the other, the gritty sexualization is bad too… both are objectified. Hmmm… I’m leaning towards the conclusion that the latter is better, as the grit pulls us away from this doll-like image that women are otherwise relegated to.

  25. Samantha Anthony

    She really is a beautiful, class act. Very down to earth, raising well mannered kids away from the spotlight. Will never forget the scene as Catwoman where she licks her paw and purrs “meow”. 😀 Exquisite lady – still the best! ?

  26. Lucretia Asher

    She’s so classy! Discreet about her personal life, and a classic NATURAL beauty. So rare these days. Clearly doesn’t focus on fame. Wish younger actresses would take notes. Congratulations for grabbing an interview with this beautiful and talented human being.

  27. Dana Rosatti

    She was absolutely beautiful in Scarface and still is now. Where has all the glamour of the film industry gone? Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot and Michelle Pfeiffer etc. these women had/have class.

  28. YES!!!!! Spot on ??? In my opinion the 3 most beautiful women in the world are Michelle, Kim Basinger, and Christie Brinkley!

    • I just have to say (as weird as it may sound), I think it’s pretty damn cool that in her long career, she’s never given into the temptation of being a plastic symbol, and she’s never gotten breast implants. She’s still a classic beauty regardless! I wish my generation didn’t grow up with the kinds of rihannas and mileys in the public eye, thinking that stripping and being nude = beauty.

      • Agreed — there’s a lot of pressure on women (especially celebrities) to conform to the 36-24-34/36 standard. Glad she was confident enough to stay natural.

      • Amel

        Television does not help at all today. The clothes the models have on barely cover them. They are not neat anymore but seem to try to fit into their daughter’s clothing. Too much makeup. No class about them anymore. There is a difference in being classy and just slutty.

    • Rhonda Pendleton

      All 3 (Michelle, Kim Basinger, and Christie Brinkley) of those women are either vegan or vegetarian non-smokers.

  29. Absoloutly love this woman. She is a brilliant actress and does not flaunt her life everywhere. I think she looks better today than ever. I hope she does not give in to plastic surgery, She does not need it. She would have to be in the top ten most beautiful women of all times along with Kim Basinger and a young Christie Brinkley. 🙂

  30. Michelle has a timeless beauty and actually looks better the older she gets. I love her as an actress and as a person, for not courting publicity and for rearing her children in a lowkey and dedicated way. I wish her well and hope she never messes that gorgeous face of hers with plastic surgery!

  31. She’s beautiful, and hasn’t ruined her looks with plastic surgery like so many of her contemporaries have. She gets lovelier every year. She has always been fabulous and I can’t wait to see more of her work. 🙂

  32. I just love, love, love this woman, not only for her stunning natural grace, but because she is the one of the women in history who has proven that women CAN get better with age!

    Congrats on the awesome interview, Hilary! xo

  33. Such a pretty lady with amazing bone structure. That is the secret of retaining youth, bone structure, you either have it or you don’t and no matter how much plastic surgery you have to try to achieve it, it won’t work. Add exercise and vegan diet to that, the results are obvious! You’re forever beautiful just like the amazing Michelle Pfeiffer! ???

  34. She is beautiful naturally. But please she has had surgery, starting with her pixie nose. Some of us remember. 😉 And she didn’t even need that surgery! However, she hasn’t done anything that made her look plastic so I GREATLY respect that!

  35. Wow, shes the same age as Madonna. Shame Madonna didn’t age gracefully. Clearly Michelle is much happier and secure in herself. The sign of a really healthy person. Naturally beautfiul and aging gracefully, lucky woman.

    • Same age as Madonna?! Omg!! Michelle looks way younger!! Please, Michelle, if you’re reading this, never ruin your face as she’s done. ?

  36. I think she looks even more beautiful now than she did when she was younger! Love this lady and always have – very lovely and talented. And the fact that she’s gone vegan makes me respect her twice as much now! 🙂

  37. Loving this interview!!!! She reminds me a bit of Debbie Harry – only she doesn’t try as hard as Debbie Harry so she looks younger and more natural. 🙂

  38. She’s lovely, I can’t believe she’s 55. She’s in much better shape than Madonna who’s the same age. Maybe the fact she’s secure and happy in her life is why. Even when she is twenty years older I am sure she will still be beautiful, as she has great bone structure.

  39. She looks great. She DID have nose surgery early on.. but hey, in Hollywood that’s pretty normal. 😉 Good for her she took her family away from the weirdness of LA. I believe she is a well respected actress. 🙂

  40. Ageing is an inevitable part of life & we all go through it, if we continue to live. She is a ethereal beauty & amazing actress. I LOVE Michelle. And if she says her skin and beauty were never tempered with, I believe her. Cause why not? It’s not like she’s looking 25 at 55. She looks like the well-groomed, fit and healthy woman she is! 🙂

  41. I love this interview! Great work, Hilary! Shes beautiful. Watched her inside actors studio interview a few weeks back, shes not only beautiful, but also very smart and funny! x

  42. She was always beautiful. And now she does look younger than her age, says she never had plastic surgery but I wonder if she did. Cause she is STUNNING, almost flawless.

  43. Another great and natural beauty! <3 she should have gotten an oscar for cat woman! there will never be another great one. no one will top that.

    • Yes catwoman was the best! And she’s proof that there is no short cut to looking good you have to look after yourself and your health. Absolutely fabulous and such an inspiration! 🙂

  44. Brilliant interview! Loved your questions. And she answered truthfully and humble. I think she looks even prettier now than she did in her younger years.

  45. She doesn’t look ageless young.. She looks her age, but in a positive way. Like a very healthy, strong and bada** 54 year old that could outrun some younger women in a marathon haha I hope I’ll be as fit and beautiful as her at her age. 🙂

  46. Good for her! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous. Maybe it’s time for me to go vegan too? Never too late they say. 😉

  47. Great interview, Hilary! I enjoyed reading it. Michelle Pfeiffer is an amazing looking woman. I’m no expert but I can say that I can’t see any signs of plastic surgery. I truly believe that she’s telling the truth and she owes it to her good genetics and healthy lifestyle. 🙂

  48. She’s is still very nice looking. Thanks to this interview I’ve caught a few ideas on how to stay young and healtyh. Thank you. 🙂

  49. Kim Hartford

    This interview is 5/5 ?????
    I know you get to interview a lot of celebrities, but come on, this is Michelle Pfeiffer! Weldone and congrats on such a great job!

  50. Keiko Watson

    Great article! Love Michelle even more now 🙂

  51. Louise Stone

    Gorgeous as always. Michelle is a lovely looking women and she looks good for 54. One of my best beauty tip to achieve a healthy glowing skin is water. Hydration is key to a healthy body and clear, wrinkle free skin. Eight 8 oz glasses a day will help you look and feel amazing. ?

  52. Heather Strobel

    I really like her. I also think she looks her age, and there is nothing wrong with that. Whatever her age is, she’s still beautiful. Vegan is a excellent choice but for me it isn’t a magical time machine. Michelle looks great and seems to be one of the most down to Earth of the celebs.

  53. Kimberly Vigil

    Thanks for this wonderful article. I like Michelle and she looks gorgeous indeed. I hope to see her in more movies because she has talent. Michelle looks great and she’s had tasteful work. I’m a lil bit disappointed that animals have no place in her list for becoming vegan.

  54. Rosemary Robles

    Michelle still remains a natural beauty. She hasn’t got that surgery or botox look, a true classy lady. 🙂

  55. Jenny Garett

    I have always thought she is beautiful and seems like a honest person. I think she looks her age and very appropriate for her age. I also think that she´s had any work done. She probably has beauty treatments, as a lot of people do- like me. It’s nice to see a woman like her, walk the red carpet without trying to compete with young actresses.

  56. Lela House

    Michelle, Julia and Demi are my top 3 eternal and fascinating beauties. I think that these 3 women are the most beautiful in the world. 🙂

  57. Merry Robinson

    Awesome. Michelle Pfeiffer’s a very beautiful woman who clearly has some good genes. She looks her age and it’s perfectly plausible that she might just really look like this at 50+. My mama is 51 and has almost zero wrinkles, no sag. And she’s used Aloe Vera and lemon for her skincare for most of her life.

  58. Hazel Collins

    All I hear is people complaining about Michelle Pfieffer having some work done and that she’s a vegan. I don’t care if she has had work done or not because You can still look good without face lifts and surgery. I would love to read articles like this one where a woman doesn’t feel the need to brag all over the place about her genetic superiority. It would be really rather refreshing. A thousand thank yous for this, Hilary. Brilliant!

  59. Helen Dark

    Spot on Michelle. Incredible insights from an incredible woman.
    You did an incredible job in here Hilary!


  60. Hannah Mayers

    No food or water just sunlight kind of diet???!! That’s crazy! We really do crazy things when we’re young, we are easily persuaded and influenced.

    Great interview! Appreciate the straightforward questions you asked her 😀

  61. My “feel good” movie of Michelle is Tequila Sunrise. It never gets old! Great interview! Such a prominent personality revealing that plastic surgery is not the secret to her ageless beauty is really inspirational!

  62. Grace Stirling

    Michelle has always been a beautiful woman. I see no evidence of any work being done. She looks drop-dead gorgeous. Love it! I want to print this article and hopefully get people to shut up when they rip on people for being vegan. lol There are so many reasons why it’s great to be vegan and michelle’s one of them.

  63. Esther Earl Harris

    I loved her comments on aging. Very honest. You cannot turn yourself back into a 20 year old, no matter how hard you try, so why not embrace it? Michelle, we need more of you. I love Urbanette! It helps me understand a lot of thing. This interview is beautiful-it speaks hugely to me and is very timely for me. Thank you.

  64. Elsie Spurlock

    I love her so much. She’s so Gorgeous, talented and classy. She’s actually is one of my forever girl crushes. I hope to see her in more movies because darn it, she has talent. Thanks Hilary! You both inspire us all. 🙂

  65. Cornelia Green

    Great interview. I could not agree with you more on the interview questions you threw on her. I have always loved Michelle Pfeiffer. I learn something new and challenging on websites I stumble upon everyday. It’s always helpful to read articles from Urbanette and learn something new from this site.

  66. Ashley Moore

    Loved reading your article today. She’s so beautiful, honest and true. ❤❤❤

  67. A very good read! It is inspiring to read an exceptional actress reveal “natural” beauty secrets especially in this day and age where even very young girls would like to undergo plastic surgery because of what is seen and heard from well-known personalities.

    Thanks for publishing this interview! You always have encouraging articles for your readers!

  68. OMG! She’s so beautiful! In the future, I want to be like her… Be look up to and be known as someone who maintained beauty without the need to undergo plastic surgery!

    • Francis Woods

      I know right!!! Of course, we can be like her!!! To be honest, I find some actors/actress funny because they obviously have undergone bad plastic surgery! Very obvious and just won’t fit them! LOL

  69. Gabby Williams

    Great article, Urbanette! I’m aging gracefully 🙂 I used to tell myself that age is just a number. Well, I still do but I make sure that as number(s) continuously add to my age, I maintain a healthy living.

    Like Michelle, I’m not a big fan of plastic surgery. I have this belief that if you want to be beautiful and fit, you’ve got to achieve and work for it, and not just depend on easy ways.

  70. Yeah, it’s really alarming and disheartening that younger generations are getting cancer 🙁

    After reading this interview, I felt more contented that I went vegan! I guess despite the positive effects I feel (like eliminating that bloated feeling) I still need more motivation to keep me going with my vegan diet…

  71. Wonderful interview! Michelle has proven that if you want something, you have to work hard and persevere. I’m glad that plastic surgery is not really an option to her. I also applaud her because she’s vegan!

  72. Melissa Smith

    Yeah, she’s an exceptional actress! I learned something new today — “breatharianism.” One of the fad diets…

  73. Very nice interview! Thanks for revealing natural beauty secrets! It feels motivating that an influential person like her is not really into artificial methods of retaining beauty — plastic surgery.

  74. Indeed she’s aging gracefully. I agree with her, there’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery but there is “bad plastic surgery” that destroys.

    And yeah, being vegan eliminates toxins leaving skin healthy and glowing 😉

  75. Courtney Watson

    She is very beautiful! And still very influential! Reading this interview made me more proud I became vegan 🙂 I know I’m on the right track!

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